We've spent some time tweaking and refining our product as well as our store to give you the best experience. In order to keep your questions answered, we've compiled as many answers to questions we've received to ease your concerns.

Q | How soon will I receive my order?
A | We ship within 2 days of your placed order and we ship first class, so your order gets there within the same week you ordered it.

Q | How do "Digital Downloads" work?
A | When you purchase a digital download of one of our issues, we send an email same day with a link to a viewable and downloadable copy of that issue through our issuu.com account.

Q | Where else can I purchase the magazine?
A | We are currently sold in 3 locations:

Mad World Records
115 W Hickory St  Denton, TX
(940) 591-3001

Soap Hope Pop Up
8060 Park Lane, Suite 130, Dallas, TX
(888) 893-7627

Wardenclyffe Gallery
1101 Springdale Road, Austin, TX